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Safety Training


Safety is integrated throughout the training all Laborers receive, from apprenticeship, to speciality skills, to journey worker upgrade training. And contractors who sign with the Laborers get access to this training for their current and future staff.

The Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and its various affiliates provide a wide range of safety-related training programs of interest to safety-conscious contractors:

• Company- and site-specific safety training;
• Innovative training for company safety officers and supervisors;
• “Turn-key” training programs such as the Roadway Safety Program;
• Safety and health classes;
• An extensive library of top-notch safety publications including posters, brochures, training manuals and videos.

Skilled Laborers are trained to do things the safe way and the right way, helping the contractors for whom they work stay safe, competitive, and profitable.