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Project Tracking and Alerts


Our Cooperation Trust Tracking System (CTTS) connects owners and users with contractors.

• CTTS provides real-time access to the latest project information from McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge.

• We follow approximately one million construction projects, at all funding levels, and at all stages of construction, from permitting through ribbon-cutting.

• Our project alerts provide contractors time to prepare bids, and owners a large pool of high-quality
bidders. These alerts covered more than $700 million worth of work in 2004 alone.

• Our research helps contractors and Laborers meet specific project requirements.

• Industrial information resources (IIR)

Contractors who sign agreements with Laborers' local unions get a partner committed to finding them future work, even as they complete current projects. Owners and construction users who contact the Laborers get a partner who will help them find the right contractor at the right price.

LIUNA delivers more than just well-trained, skilled construction craft laborers. LIUNA delivers business development services that generate project and job opportunities while keeping project costs competitive.